Different Types Of Research Papers

As a college or university student, writing a research paper is something you can never avoid. It is an important part of any top-level education, no matter your field of studies. Therefore, you need to prepare for it once you start your course. Doing in-depth research is a requirement when undertaking this important academic. The information acquired is therefore outlined to fit into the various sections of your paper. The process is not as simple as indicated. You may need to spend many days or months to complete these tasks. However, if you know what you are about, the process could be manageable. This article takes you through the types of a research papers.

Objectives of research paper

Research papers come in different types but with the same aims. It is a way students prove their research capabilities, acquire new knowledge, and contribute or challenge existing ideas. A research paper combines the writer’s ideology on the subject and existing literature or data to come up with a new or support an existing hypothesis. With the stress associated with it, many students try to shy away from it by delegating the task to a professional writer. To be able to write successfully, write a research paper, you should know the various types. Here are the types of research paper

Types of research papers

Each research type requires a different approach to writing. We will take you through the various types and how to write them.


An argumentative research paper requires the writer to pick a stance on two highly debatable subjects. He/she then tries to defend that view with facts and figures. You will have to first present unbiased facts from both sides of the issue and analyze them before choosing a position. For example, you may be asked to write on “nature and nurture, which has a powerful influence on a child’s development”? In this situation, you have to pick a stance on the topic, yet, you need to give background information on both sides. Afterward, you develop your points as to why you believe one has a substantial influence over the other.

Analytical paper

In an analytical paper, the writer unbiasedly analyses a topic devoid of personal opinions. He/she uses previous research on the topics to make the analysis and come up with a finding. For example, when analyzing the impact of forest degradation.

Definition paper

In a definition paper, the writer only gives bare facts about the subject under review. No opinions are accepted here. You have to rely on information from different sources for only factual information on the topic.

Compare and contrast papers

Compare and contrast paper is mostly used in literature courses to assess the influence of two different works of literature or authors from the same genre. It is also used in social sciences to compare theoretical opinions and in philosophy to compare ideologies.

Cause and effect papers

It is applicable in education and business fields to trace possible results from a specific action. Aside from outlining the action results, it can also predict possible outcomes of that same situation.


A report paper is aimed to evaluate and explore the reasons for particular happenings. A report is generally commissioned by a business entity, government agency, or any organization to assess critical situations or happenings around, including human resources or the viability of a business. Reports writing must always be factual and represent the situation on grounds.

Interpretive papers

Interpretive papers require students to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in their course of study in particular situations. Such papers should be evidence-based backed by data to support the findings.

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