Tips on Writing a Thesis Conclusion

You have probably finished both your introduction and body of your thesis at this point. It may call for a celebration, but the conclusion is equally important. The reader will see your ending as the last thing on your paper. Therefore, make it as memorable as it possibly can. A better conclusion will sum up the main points in your body and make the information relevant to the reader. Here are the tips:

  1. Thesis restatement

Restating the thesis is one of the best ways to starting your conclusion. You do this by putting it in different words. The structure needs to get changed to avoid repetition. Make sure the reader gets satisfied by getting firm at the end, same as the introduction. The reader must understand that they are at the end of the paper and that the findings and arguments are all wrapped up.

  1. Reiterating and reviewing the main points in your paper

Look at the paper you have written and noted each topic sentence of a paragraph as they appear. Like in thesis restatement, you can reword the sentences and fix them. The conclusion should consist of only your words as it mirrors your thoughts on the particular topic you chose. The endings can also house recommendations to your readers. Before jotting, ask yourself what reaction you would wish to see from your readers.

  1. Explain the relevance of your work to the readers

It gets recommended that you can encourage the audience to have questions on their opinions while making a reflection on your topic. You should, however, avoid leaving loose ends. Make it a point of having a resolution, and be sure to make the conclusion house the argument. In everything that you do, tell the readers the relevance of the text to the readers, and how important it is to the field of research. Make them also understand how your research fits in line.

  1. Let the readers take home something from your work.

Make it a point of ending your conclusion with a memorable phrase, warning, question, or a call to action. Instead of the readers asking themselves why they should care, finish the paper with a query that prompts them to see how they can put the information they have read into use. That way, you shall have helped them answer that burning question. They will find relevance in your paper and probably use it shortly.

FAQ about writing the conclusion of a thesis

What is the secret to jotting a thesis conclusion?

Since it comes last, it is the one thing that people will see at the end and should therefore be memorable. You should:

  • Have a restatement of the thesis
  • Make a review of vital points in your work
  • Explain the relevance of your tex
  • Make the readers take something home from your text

What kind of information should I contain in my thesis?

The conclusion reviews the main points as stated in the paper. The part should house all your closing points and thoughts concerning the topic you have chosen. The outcome and the research should get well pointed out here, and make sure that all these are in your own words.

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