Writing a Credible Literature Review and Its Importance

Many of us have heard and created a literature review, but we do not understand what it is. It is the survey or summary of the material that relates to a particular research topic. Most literature reviews are from theses, articles, journals, and books. To develop a credible and reliable review, you need to make critical evaluations, summaries, and descriptions of the materials related to the topic you are investigating. Talking about it looks easy, but when it gets to writing, it is a challenging task. Some of the uses of literature review include:

  1. Identify your examination inside the current writing
  2. Resolve clashes in inconsistencies found in past research 
  3. Reveal any gaps that exist in the writing 
  4. Identify better approaches to examine and decipher research 
  5. Describe the connection between the sources under assessment and the research topic

Types of literature review

  • Narrative writing reviews

It is an exhaustive and basic outline of the writing. It helps in building up a hypothetical structure and setting for your exploration. An account writing audit gives determinations about a specific point and addresses irregularities in the current exploration.

  • Historical review 

They are utilized to inspect research through a specific period, the primary event of an issue, and track its turn of events. This review’s main role is to adjust research in an authentic setting and show its relationship with recent developments and potentially foresee the bearing for future exploration. 

  • Theoretical review

It is utilized in setting up existing hypotheses, the connection among them, and the degree to which they have been investigated. It helps in building up another speculation to be tried. The main role is to show that current speculations are lacking for taking care of new exploration issues. 

  • Integrative review

It evaluates and incorporates optional writing about the examination point to create new systems and viewpoints. An astounding integrative review meets similar prerequisites as the essential information regarding replication, consistency, and clarity.

  • Argumentative review

It dissects writing to help or reject a contention or a profoundly installed supposition set up in the current writing. The fundamental center is to give an opposite perspective. Be that as it may, a contentious survey represents a critical issue of biases. 

  • Systematic review

It includes a complete and detailed outline of the existing proof of a defined examination question. It comprises distinguishing, evaluating, and combining all-important examinations on a particular point. A writing survey aims to report, dissect, and give a synopsis of a characterized research subject in a reasonable example. It centers on a particular issue generally found in circumstances and logical results structure. 

How to write a credible literature review

If you are looking for ways to improve your literature review writing, you should consider the following options.

  1. Structure of your literature review: Like any other writing, your literature review should have a logical flow that is easy to read and understand. Add an introduction, body, and conclusion to your review.
  2. Identify gaps and arguments: Before you start writing your literature review, you should fully understand the connections and relationships between sources. You need to have a vast knowledge of the emerging trends and gaps in the research. Identify the evident gaps, concepts, contradictions, conflicts, patterns, and trends that can build your literature review.
  3. Select and evaluate sources: A credible literature review will need you to make a source that fits your topic with reliable statistics and facts.
  4. Search for relevant literature: Your review will serve no purpose if it does not speak to your topic or thesis statement. You should ensure that it is relevant to your topic.


The literature review is a critical section in any research paper. You need to have a firm understanding of how to write one and make it credible. The tips will help you come up with one of the best literature reviews ever.

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