What to Write About in a Same Sex Marriage Essay

Many students are assigned an essay on same sex marriage but are lost when it comes to what to
write down and how to structure their points. Oftentimes, the theme in question will be argumentative,
meaning you have to argue for or against same sex marriage legalization. For this, you’ll need history, a
same sex marriage statistic, and a strong claim. But what about informative essays? How do you
educate your reader on this topic? In this blog post, we’ll go over the most common topics for same sex
marriage assignments and help you on your way to brainstorming the perfect essay!

Formatting Your Essay

Do you find yourself thinking, “I wish someone would write my essay for me”? We’ve all had that
thought when it comes to tough assignments. But writing academic papers doesn’t have to be stressful.
In fact, creating your outline and points of interest can be easy! First off, in any same sex marriage essay,
you will want to give a summary on what same sex marriage is. Within this topic, you can discuss cultural
ideals of marriage in the US and abroad, as well as what defines a sexual partnership. But before writing
anything down, you’ll want to think about your essay format.

Common Formatting for Argumentative Essays

If your assignment is to create an argumentative essay, be sure to format it in a way that
emphasizes its argumentative aspects. In any argumentative essay, there will be two opinions to
discuss. In this case, the opinions may be for or against same sex marriage. To start, pick your stance
and come up with at least 3 reasons you believe what you believe. For each reason, find 1-2
examples that support your belief. Incorporate facts, quotes, and statistics to strengthen your
argument. Start with an introduction paragraph, then your reason paragraphs—one for each
reason—and end with a conclusion.

Making Arguments in a Same Sex Marriage Essay

A good argument comes from firm beliefs. Whether you’re arguing for something you personally
believe in or must argue an opinion assigned by your teacher, your essay must stand firm in its
beliefs. But how do you make a good argument? Well, you need a main claim. For example, “Same
sex marriage should be legalized in Uganda,” or “Same sex marriage legalization leads to better
mental health.” Next, you need to connect your claim to counter claims and use evidence and clear
reasoning to develop your argument and prove your claim is right. Thorough analysis and evaluation
of data can better support your argument.

Setting the Scene to Strengthen Your Argument

Arguments don’t come out of thin air. For someone to form an opinion, there must have been a
cause. Whether you’re writing a middle, high school, or college essay, make sure you include that
cause. In other words, give some background to your argument. For a paper on same sex marriage,
that background may include traditional vs modern ideals of marriage, Republican vs Democratic
social ideals, and what signifies a sexual relationship, perhaps throughout the 50 states or on an
international scale. Unless you buy essay online, you’ll have to think about what topics work best for

your assignment.

Discussing the Law in a Same Sex Marriage Essay

Besides giving general background info, discussing laws and lawmakers is essential. Same sex
marriage has been one of the most contested topics in both American and international courts and has a
rich and intricate history that can easily be incorporated into your paper. When discussing this topic and
the law, the supreme court same sex marriage ruling on June 26, 2015, should certainly come up. But
beyond that, you can discuss the history of same sex marriage rulings in the United States, which could
include rulings and opinions at both the state and federal level. Or you could go beyond the US and
analyze international rulings instead.

When Did Same Sex Marriage Become Legal?

Discussing the timeline of same sex marriage legalization can be an incredibly rich topic for
essays. That’s because, besides the official date of legalization, you can discuss the hurdles the
supreme court had to jump through to make their ruling. In addition to that, you can also discuss the
question, “Is same sex marriage legal in all states?” and emphasize that 36 states had already
legalized same sex marriage before the supreme court did. So, what was the first state to legalize
same sex marriage and why? Which states banned it before the supreme court ruling and continue
to contest it now?

The First Country to Legalize Same Sex Marriage

For a more international approach, you can discuss same sex marriage laws around the world.
Currently, there are over 30 countries that have legalized same sex marriage while over 60 countries
criminalize it. In an essay, you can choose two countries and compare and contrast their journeys
toward same sex marriage legalization. For instance, you can discuss “When was same sex marriage
legalized in us vs in Sweden and why?” You can also conduct a cultural comparison of countries that
support same sex marriage and those that don’t, or discuss recent legislation changes like India’s
Section 377.

Getting an Anne Arundel Marriage License and Other Common Topics

Some same sex marriage essay assignments may be ultra specific, covering topics based on time
periods, legislation, states, and even individual counties. For instance, an academic paper may be on the
history of same sex marriage in your state. We’ll use Maryland and Anne Arundel County as an example.
Let’s say your assignment is to discuss marriage laws passed by the Anne Arundel county court. Well,
how would you get started? To start, give your reader background info. What are important and related
facts about Maryland and Anne Arundel County? Honing into the topic of same sex marriage, what are
the requirements for a county marriage license in the county today and how have they changed over
time? What are local opinions on same sex marriage? Why and how do you think those opinions
formed? No matter what the assignment is, simply consider what questions related to the topic you can
easily explore.

Getting a Same Sex Marriage License in the United States

Whether you’re taking a more informative or argumentative approach to your essay, it’s
important that both you and your reader know the basic facts about the topic. So, you may choose
to mention the same-sex marriage law in the United States by state. Discuss the states where same
sex marriage is the most and least polarizing, for example. Similarly, if discussing the US, be sure to
mention the same sex marriage supreme court ruling in 2015 that legalized same sex marriage on a
federal level. What were the benefits? What were the repercussions? Simply ask interesting
questions and use your essay to answer them.